Six types of Gold plated bracelets every woman should know

Six types of Gold plated bracelets every woman should know

Ladies' bracelets are designed to draw attention, and that is exactly what they do. Men and women have worn this piece of jewelry over the years, and it is still quite a popular accessory today.

In the old days, bracelets were worn by kings, queens, and even commoners. Therefore, this piece of jewelry is suitable for everyone.

However, the designs of the past were heavy and junky. So as time passed, it only became a fashion statement for ladies. As a result, bracelets were strictly worn on special occasions. However, it's not the same anymore with GenZ revolutionizing everything. Since gender-neutral norms have become prevalent, men and women are equally interested in jewelry. The rise of gold-plated jewelry has captured everyone’s attention. So may it be gold-plated studs, bracelets, necklaces, or piercings, there is something for everyone in this type of jewelry.

However, today we will be discussing gold-plated bracelets and their various types in this article.

But before that let us understand what gold-plated jewelry is and why people are inclined toward it.

Gold Plated Star Bracelet

Why gold-plated bracelets?

There is no need to spend a lot of money on pure gold jewelry when you can purchase gold-plated jewelry. If you don't plan on wearing your jewelry every day, it's ideal for jewelry that gives you the look and style you want, without the price tag of gold.

The quality of gold plating is largely determined by its thickness and purity, the base metal used, and the quality of craftsmanship. You can't tell real gold jewelry from gold-plated jewelry just by looking at it once it's been plated.

As technology advances, more jewelry stores are offering online shopping options to their customers. Some jewelry stores offer amazing online deals so they can attract customers by offering magnificent gold-plated necklaces or stone-studded bangles at a lower price. You can buy gold-plated bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and whatnot, with just one click!

What is gold plated?

Liquid gold is used to coat a piece of metal jewelry with a layer of another metal. Gold-plated jewelry is very affordable compared to jewelry made from real gold because the gold layer is very thin.

A layer of 14-carat gold micron plating covers 925 sterling silver in most gold-plated jewelry. The base of the jewelry can be silver or other similar metal. Additionally, make sure your jewelry is protected against scratches and damages by an additional protective layer over the gold plating while purchasing for the first time.

Now that you have become familiar with the concept of gold plating, let us get started with every woman’s favorite piece of jewelry, the bracelets! Let us dive deep and understand their different types.

Chain bracelets

The wrist jewelry is trendy and comes in a variety of patterns, shapes, and styles. There is something very contemporary and stunning about a chain bracelet.

Therefore, they can be worn with either traditional or modern attire.

Chain bracelets are just becoming popular, while bangles are classics. A light gem or a precious stone looks lovely with this kind of bracelet. You can buy these bracelets online at shopberserk.

Name bracelets

Influencers have made these bracelets popular in the last few years. That is why you will witness most teens wearing name bracelets right now.

But for millennials, everything comes with a twist. Because we love to personalize everything.

No matter if it's a chain, a ring, a bracelet, or even an anklet; if it's got a name, it's gotta be in your closet. Many online shops offer customizable bracelets. If you want to level up your jewelry game, you should try that at least once.

Interlocked chain bracelets

Just another variation of chain bracelets! An interlocked chain bracelet has a fold-over clasp like a metal watch. They are the most popular bracelets for women to wear on a daily basis. Whether embellished with precious or semi-precious materials such as crystals, pearls, or stones, these bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cuff bracelets

The cuff bracelet resembles an open bangle or semi-closed bracelet style that has a broad and chunky design with a small opening at one end. It is also easy to wear cuff bracelets because they can be adjusted to fit the wrist's size. Generally, they are made of metal and are engraved or decorated with enamel work. The crystals, diamonds, or pearls in fancy or luxurious cuff bracelets give them a party-like appearance.

Charm wristlets

Wear your charm on your wrist, in this case. A charm wristlet is an ornament with embellishments attached to it. Jewelry was originally designed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. As charms were added over time, they symbolized family origins, political or religious views, or sentimental life events. The wristlets look beautiful and can be worn with any outfit. Discover the charm wristlet collection from shopberserk to add to your jewelry collection!

Pearl wristlets

You can add a touch of elegance to your jewelry drawer with pearl wrist chains

An outfit can be made elegant and classy with this accessory. You will find pearl wristlets either consisting of a single pearl embedded on a gold-plated chain or a string of pearls neatly threaded around the wrist. But they both look equally elegant on your wrist. Beaded gemstone wristlets are technically pearl wristlets, but they're so popular that they deserve their own category. A classic jewelry staple, pearl wristlets have been around for a long time. They are stylish and elegant, making them a great choice for any occasion. The neutral shades of pearl wristlets make them easy to match with any outfit. Pearls are available in black or multi-colored varieties, but white remains the most popular.


The wrist jewelry has its own enigma, whether it is charming charm wristlets, sleek bangles, edgy cuff wristlets, or colorful beaded wristlets. Choose your favorite piece to add glow and sparkle to any outfit, whether you choose a dangly chain, a cute charm, or a versatile piece with beads. Explore various bracelet ideas with shopberserk this festive season.

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