7 types of gold plated ring designs you should own

7 types of gold plated ring designs you should own

Women's rings are unquestionably the most valuable pieces of jewelry in their jewelry boxes. A woman keeps every piece of jewelry close to her heart even if it is inexpensive. Whenever women wear their rings for a casual outing they make sure to select the best and most importantly the trending one. So what is trending now? Gold-plated rings!

Just like gold-plated stud earrings and gold-plated earrings, gold-plated rings are making their marks in women’s jewelry.

It is important to keep the following in mind whether you are a couple shopping for a ring together or a woman planning to gift herself a beautiful ring. You must choose a trendy design if you want to stand out in the crowd. There is nothing more timeless than a classic, vintage, and traditional ring that will never go out of style in the future. But you need to explore other design options as well. Let us explore some trendy collections in gold-plated rings that you can flaunt in 2023.

Contemporary Stacking Rings

A stacking ring is a stunning choice for those who love wearing bands. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these rings! They can range from simple bands to gemstone-encrusted pieces! By wearing your rings in this way, you can easily create looks that are unique to you. Simply place your chosen bands on to create an effortless style. A gold-plated ring adds more charm to your entire look.

Glamorous Gemstone rings

The ring is composed of a gold-plated band and a gemstone. The gemstone can be of different colors or another type. There are options to have these pieces set in silver-plated or rose gold color as well. Gemstones hold such a diverse array of colors that they will never disappoint you!

From clusters of complementary gemstones to a single star, this type of ring is exceptionally versatile. The versatility of gemstone rings makes them essential for everyday wear and evening wear as well.

Old cut diamond

The climate crisis has reached its tipping point, which means that we must slam the breaks on our consumption of the planet's natural resources. With environmental sustainability higher on the priority list of ring shoppers than ever before, it’s perhaps no surprise that artificial diamonds reigned supreme as the most popular gemstone choice amongst the youth today; a trend we can anticipate continuing in 2023.

Similarly, recyclable diamonds reduce the need for further mining of natural diamonds and instead give sparklers already above ground another chance to shine. So you can opt and go for those diamond rings as well.

Reclaimed diamonds are beautiful not only because of their environmental neutrality but also because of the stories they tell. Particularly old-cut diamonds are antique stones characterized by chunkier, more organic facets compared to the precise, machine-cut facets of modern brilliant-cut diamonds. In this way, old-cut diamonds can capture the eye better than contemporary diamonds, thanks to their depth of sparkle. For romantics who like their jewelry infused with magic, old-cut diamonds are fabled little pieces of history.

Cocktail Rings

Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties are synonymous with cocktail rings in American history. In those days, cocktail rings, along with other types of jewelry like brilliant bracelets and jeweled headbands, were symbols of rebellion. People wore them at clandestine parties, bars, and houses that served alcohol. The cocktail ring has an oversized appearance and is characterized by bold designs and a brilliant central jewel surrounded by accent stones. People notice you when you wear a cocktail ring; they are quite beautiful and still trendy and fashionable today.

Engraved Signet Rings

Today, signet rings can serve as a fashion statement or a form of personal expression, or they might even be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom. Historically, signet rings played an important role in the culture of the time, as they often bore a family crest or were emblazoned with the personal characteristics of their owners. The engraved signet rings are still worn by both men and women today, and they are usually engraved with symbols or letters that are representative of the wearer's identity, such as a name, initials, organization, high school, rank, or even fingerprints or heartbeats.

Commemorative Class Rings

A commemorative class ring is an excellent way to commemorate your class. It is an engraved class ring. A class ring is exactly what it sounds like, it is a ring that you are wearing to celebrate the graduation of your class. In the United States, these are particularly popular among students who are graduating from high school or college, where they wear these pendants to commemorate the occasion. There is usually an impressive gemstone featured in this ring type, along with an engraving of the school, the year, and even the graduate.

Criss Cross Ring

Celebrities and fashionistas have recently increased the popularity of this style!

You will be able to make a statement with an elegant contemporary geometric design that will be perfect for your partner if she is bold and stylish. Your sense of style and fashion will also make a statement, as its funky and bold design will steal her heart. These rings are gold-plated bands ensembled with tiny diamonds. Traditionally, it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection with the heart thus the couple would wear it on the left hand as a sign of their commitment to infinity love for each other. Adding a diamond is like adding a cherry to the cake.

Criss-cross rings symbolize the crossing of paths and the merging of lives when used as engagement or promise rings. Rather than walking side-by-side, the lives of these two individuals are now intertwined. In some designs, diamonds are encrusted, while others have a more sleek and simple appearance. There is no doubt that this design would be appropriate for a variety of events and styles.

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